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What is the best childhood you can give to your children? It is not famous schools, a big house or a room full of toys and books. It is spending time to play with them. Children who stay curious and adventurous will embrace lifelong learning, and grow up to be happy and fulfilled adults.

At Play with Purpose, we believe in the value of play. Through playing board games, children pick up skills in an engaging and effective way. They also develop skills not found in the typical classroom.

Children Learn Best When They Have Fun

PWP Learning Programme

Learn Through Group Interaction

Board games are interactive activities where children communicate and solve problems together. Children are taught concepts and ideas through multiple sensory inputs including visuals, sounds and touch. They also exercise their motor skills.

Reduce Time on Smart Devices

Over-reliance on smart devices can lead to a lack of communication skills and empathy. Balanced child development requires both learning and using technology, and cultivating collaboration and relationship-building skills.

Family Bonding

A healthy family life is the foundation for well-rounded development in children. Parents have immense influence over their children and who they grow up to become.

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